Our mission

Our goal is to make sure everyone has the most enjoyable surf lesson or surf trip on their holiday in Bali! We want to create life long memories for you to take home.

              Let's Surf!!

The Bali Wave instructors are professional and competent surfers who teach with awareness, patience and passion. Our lessons are fun, structured, and safe, suitable for all levels and ages! Some of our best memories are with young children.


We also offer guided tours around Bali for experienced surfers or anyone who would like a day trip. 

Lessons are customized to each of our students. Helping you improve in the areas that you want to. Whether it be pumping, cutbacks, barrel riding, floaters or nose riding and cross stepping we are here to help. 

As a bonus, we have an extra coach in the water. Specializing in long boarding but with heaps of ocean knowledge to share and positive motivation to encourage success. 

We provide a valuable service with two people in the water sharing skills. As a team, we thrive off our passion and knowledge. This is what guides us to share what we love. 

Our promise to you when you return as a guest... more memorable experiences, new surf spots, and a discount. This is our way of saying thank you for joining us.